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Dentist in The Woodlands, TX
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Single Dentures in The Woodlands, TX

Smile Big & Bright with an Upper Partial Denture

Smile with confidence after receiving an upper partial denture from Alden Bridge Family Dental in The Woodlands, TX. Our dental practice provides complete and partial dentures for our patients. We want to ensure the beauty of your smile, as well as your good dental health. Give our dental practice a call to make an appointment for your partial dentures.

Dentures Customized for Tooth Loss

The teeth in your upper jaw are all essential for chewing, talking, and smiling. Due to aging, accidents, or gum disease, you may lose some or all of the teeth in the top of your mouth. Come visit our dental practice for attractive and long-lasting dentures. We provide the following types of dentures:

  • Complete–To replace all of your missing teeth.
  • Conventional– To replace all of your missing teeth after the gums have healed from extraction.
  • Immediate–To replace missing teeth as soon as they are extracted.
  • Partial–To replace some missing teeth, from a single to a partial denture in your upper or lower jaw.

Caring for Your New Denture

An upper partial denture is made of replacement teeth that are attached to a flesh-colored acrylic base. The denture fits is secured in your mouth with clasps, so you can easily take it out to clean. Care for your denture as you would your real teeth with regular brushing. However, we recommend using a special denture-cleaning product, then storing them overnight in water or a soaking solution so they maintain their shape and appearance.

Contact us today to talk with our dentists about the benefits of an upper partial denture. Our dental practice proudly serves patients in The Woodlands, TX.